About the company

and our values.

How We Are Different

Sales for Startups. Period.


Sales for Startups. We are great at what we do because we are specialized.


Your needs change over time. Get maximum Return on Investment without hiring somebody full-time.


You pay only for what you need. Get full predictability without hidden costs.


We don’t just talk about sales. We did and do the grunt work such as cold calls ourselves.


We are fun to work with as professionals, but also as human beings.

Our Values

We are transparent on our True North.

Trust & Transparency

We say what we do and do what we say.


We put you first in everything we do.

Swiss Quality

We deliver on-time, Swiss Quality, with local people.

Bottom-Line Impact

Wir arbeiten nur an Themen mit einem tangiblen Mehrwert.

Network Access

Wir verknüpfen Dich gerne mit unserem Netzwerk.

About the owner

“Solve real problems. Customers before investors. Customers before tech. Revenue before exit strategy.”

Manuel Hartmann


Manuel Hartmann, CEO, Hartmann Ventures, Sales for Startups, Verkaufstraining, Market Offering, Channel Management, Operational Support, Operative Unterstützung, IT Setup

I founded my first own company Hartmann Ventures GmbH in 02/2019 because I am convinced this is how I can have the biggest impact to help Switzerland build the best startups in Europe.

Entrepreneurship fascinated me since working for Tesla back in 2012.
After 3.5 years with Accenture implementing Salesforce.com and working on business model innovation projects, I was ready in 2017 to to join a tech startup as “the business guy” and ended up building the Onedot brand and the B2B sales organization together with the Founder & CEO of the company. After this “Master in Entrepreneurship”, I figured that I could have done a lot of things smarter, quicker, and with less pain along the way.

At this point I intensified the discussions with technical founders from ETH and EPFL if I was the only guy who took so long to figure out how to gain traction quickly with a technical startup. It turned out I am by far not.
This and my ambition to found a company was the trigger to found Hartmann Ventures. The company mission is to help entrepreneurs gain market traction quicker and enable them to not only build great products but also great companies.

I want to achieve this by offering “Sales for Startups”: Entrepreneurial, operational sales support that is flexible, affordable and no bullshit.