Increase your sales

We believe it is much easier than you think.

The Problem

Sales is hard. But crucial to succeed.

Most startups fail because they can’t get traction.


The majority of great startups are built by technical founders.


Building a great product is key to succeed. But so is sales to gain market traction.


Your company fails if you do not gain traction fast enough as you run out of money.


Your company fails if you do not gain traction fast enough as you run out of money.


You need great sales in order to continue building a great product and company.

How We Help

Invest for maximum return on investment.

We offer you entrepreneurial sales support.

Flexible, affordable, no bullshit.

Sales Audit

CHF 800.-

Invest 0.5 day to

  • Build your sales story to improve your conversion
  • Understand how you can shorten long sales cycles
  • Gain new insights to close key opportunities
Most Popular


CHF 4800.-

Invest 3 days to

  • Improve your objection handling to win "lost" deals
  • Industrialize your sales process to enable scalable growth
  • Receive a tangible sales action plan on how to improve your setup within 1 month

Sales Support

CHF 13'600.-

Invest 10 days to

  • Gain access to "more hands on deck" to execute your sales strategy
  • Work on how to fill your sales funnel with more qualified leads
  • Get a sparring partner to continuously help you to improve your sales organisation

What's In For You

You want to be successful in your role.

You can benefit from a collaboration dependent from your role.


Sharpen your strategy and execute it. Get a sparring partner for sales at eye level.

VP Recruiting / HR

Lower the pressure to hire somebody fast. You want to hire A players only.

VP Sales

Improve your sales organization and hit your targets. Get more hands on deck, today.

Still Not Sure?

Let’s talk about your concerns.

You might have concerns.
Let’s openly discuss them.

If your product sells itself perfectly no. Otherwise yes.

Yes. We only work with you on what generates tangible business value.

You have 24h a day. Generating revenue should be a priority for you.

If you cannot explain it yet, customers will not buy it. That’s a problem.

Usually yes. Decide yourself after a free 30min call.

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